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Program Qualification

Undergraduate education of the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema lasts four years. During their four-year education, students will gain extensive knowledge in the fields of communication sciences, the art of cinema, television, and radio broadcasting, and reinforce their knowledge with practical lessons and activities on various subjects. Our main goal is to train our students as communicators/artists who know the historical development of their fields, follow the ever-changing agenda in connection with technology, and shed light on the future with the creative projects they will realize.

The most important feature of our program is that it maintains theoretical education intertwined with practice. In addition to theoretical courses such as art, media and cinema history, communication and film theories, visual culture, our students will also take practical courses such as scriptwriting, short film production, TV and radio programming, documentary film production, cinematography, photography, costume and decor design, editing and animation.

It is aimed that our students are trained as communicators who can think creatively, flexibly and independently about their fields, design, and implement new projects. Student projects are supported by the technological facilities of our school, and their participation in national and international festivals and competitions is ensured.

Students are obliged to do two internships, one inside of the institution and one outside, during their undergraduate education. In the last year of their education, they realize a graduation project in the field of cinema, TV, or radio.