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Program Qualification

The undergraduate program in Radio, Television, and Cinema Department spans four years of education. Throughout their four-year journey, students will acquire extensive knowledge in communication sciences, film art, television and radio broadcasting, which they will reinforce through practical courses and various activities in different domains. Our main goal is to develop students to gain a deep understanding of the historical development of their fields, stay attuned to the ever-changing agenda intertwined with technology, and emerge as communicators/artists who illuminate the future with their creative projects.

One of the key features of our program is the integration of theoretical education with practical application. Our students will not only receive theoretical courses in art, media, and cinema history, communication and film theories, visual culture. They will also engage in hands-on practical courses such as scriptwriting, short film production, TV and radio programming, documentary filmmaking, cinematography, photography, costume and set design, editing, and animation. This holistic approach ensures that our students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in various aspects of the field.

Our aim is to encourage students to think creatively, adapt flexibly and independently, and who are capable of designing and implementing new projects within their respective fields. Student projects receive support from our school’s technological resources, and we enable their participation in national and international festivals and competitions. This allows them to showcase their talents and gain valuable experiences in the industry.

Throughout their undergraduate education, students are required to complete two internships, one within the institution and one outside. In their final year of studies, they will undertake a graduation project in the field of cinema, television, or radio. This project serves as a culmination of their learning experience, allowing them to apply their acquired knowledge and skills to create a substantial piece of work.